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“My name is Jennifer Carson, and I was born in Ann Arbor, MI. I have always been a dreamer and the characters in my imagination longed to be created…

“I strive to create creatures that remind me of the wonder and magic of nature that, as a grown-up, often gets dismissed as fantasy.

“Each creature begins as a sketch in my notebook. Little notes and squiggly arrows will sometimes cover the page about what this creature looks like. But faerie are mischievous and forever changing their minds. The character that is portrayed at the end may only resemble the beginning sketch in the fact that it is a winged faerie, or his ears are pointed or his socks are striped.

“I hand dye all of the wool I work with to get just the right shade. Often the faerie’s name will come to me as I am felting their eyes. It is almost like I have opened their eyes to the world, and being the first person they see, they are willing to tell me their name and whisper their stories.”