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Foundation Cloth

Our motto here at Dorr Fabrics is "we don't argue about politics, religion, or foundation cloth." With that in mind, here are some insights into the various foundation cloths that we offer based on customer feedback.

Primitive Linen (unbleached)

This is our most popular backing. It is woven with 2 ply yarns which adds strength to the yarn by protecting the slubs (weak points) with the plying. The plying also reduces the amount of "hair" on the surface which softens the fabric, but allows more slippage between the warp and weft yarns. This linen is recommended for wider cuts.

Primitive linen (bleached)

Same as unbleached, but a lighter color. Used a lot by designers who use a light box.

Primitive single-ply linen(bleached)

Woven with a single yarn, you have more potential for breakage at the slubs, and more surface hairs which gaves you a stiffer fabric with less slippage between the yarns. As above this fabric is best for wider cuts

Traditional linen

This linen is a two-ply linen using the same yarn as our popular primitive natural linen. It is a tighter weave to make it more comfortable to hook with sizes #3, #4 and #5 and has the same soft hand.

Monks cloth

This is our second most popular foundation cloth. Monks is woven using a soft cotton yarn, with a 2x2 pattern. The hole size is usable by all size cuts. This fabric evokes more emotions than any other foundations, while it is very popular there are some complaints of stretchiness.

Warp cloth

This cotton fabric is made of a heavier 4-ply cotton yarn and woven in an even weave. Warp cloth is popular with fine-cut rug hookers, but our version is being used successfully by many primitive hookers. As a result this fabric is becoming more and more popular.

I hope this is helpful, but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us on our toll-free number (800 846-DORR) for assistance on getting the foundation cloth that is right for you.