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Cutting Wool for Hooking


This example is based on a 1-yard piece of 57" wide wool.

Fist, notch and tear the wool every 12 inches. Notch on the salvage. This will give you 3 pieces of wool measuring 12" x 57".

Then notch and tear the wool every 3 inches as shown in the illustration.

You are now ready to run the 3" x 12" pieces of wool through the cutter (or to cut it by hand). Cut as straight as possible. If the fabric goes on the bias even a little, hooking will cause it to break.

If you are cutting by hand and are using 1/4" strips of wool for hooking, notch and tear your 3" x 12" piece of wool every 1/2". Then use shears to cut the 1/2" strip in half.