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Tips & Advice

How do you estimate the total number of yards needed for a braided rug?

The general rule of thumb for flannel weight material is you need about 1 yard for every square foot of braided area.

For example if you are braiding a 2x3 rectangular rug you will need to get the area of the rug by multiplying the length (3) by the width (2) to get 6 square feet. So, you will need to 6 yards of material to finish the rug.

If you are braiding a circular rug you will use a different formula. If your rug is 4 feet across, the radius of the rug is 2. The formula is pi (3.14) times radius squared. This means 3.14 x 2 x 2 = 12.56 square feet. You would need between 12 and 13 yards of material.

For oval rugs I would recommend measuring the longest length and the longest width — and multiply them to get the area of the whole rectangle. If, for example, those distances are 2 and 3 feet, the area of the rectangle would be 6 square feet. You would then need somewhat less than 6 yards of material to account for the rounded edges.

Have fun and please realize these tips are good only to figure how many total yards you will need.