Natural Shorts Bundles

Our woolens arrive wrapped on tubes, with 80-100 yards of fabric on a tube. We then measure 15-yard bolts off the tube and usually end up with a small bolt of left-over fabric, which we call a short.

We have bundled up assorted shorts of natural — like the three here — and we are selling them at a discount.

Any bundle 12 yards or more will have a 20% discount and any bundle less than 12 yards we are offering at a 15% discount.

3 Pounds Natural Ends Of Wool Bag
Short ends of natural less than 16" in length.
A 3 lb. bag, equal to approx. 4+ yards of wool.
(maybe some imperfections)

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Natural Shorts Bundle:  6–8.5 yds.
Choose a 6 to 8.5 yard bundle.

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Natural Shorts Bundle:  9–12.5 yds.
Choose a 9 to 12.5 yard bundle.

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Natural Shorts Bundle: 14–20 yds. 
Choose a 14 to 20 yard bundle.

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